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Are you looking for a special place to organize a meeting, meeting, event? Did you know that organizing events in rural settings is a tendency? At present, meetings are held that become memorable experiences, with interactive presentations and with open-air sunsets. Invite your workers to enjoy a day out in an environment in the middle of nature, in a special and intimate place where it will be easier for them to disconnect in a new place, out of the ordinary. Breaking with your routine, problems and daily habits will help you to disconnect. Being in a quiet and silent environment, the concentration will be greater and the atmosphere that is breathed is conducive to present activities such as mindfulness or teamwork. Surprise your customers with intimate spaces, with spectacular views and surrounded by nature. This tower is the ideal setting to break your routine and fully enjoy your event. Our space hosts only a single event, so that you will enjoy all the privacy and necessary privacy. Choosing a place with interior and exterior space offers you a lot of possibilities. If you are interested in our space, contact us and we will help you plan and organize your event.

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