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Is a beautiful farm with a truly privileged natural environment, this farm was part of the gardens of the San Julián Monastery and San Antonio Convent (s.XI). Located at the foot of the convent.

In the forties of the s. XX this space was conceived for family use and recreation, building eight buildings, as well as a series of pools and wells for collecting and storing water. The farm has an area of 22,932 m2 being located on the sloping side of a large promontory of granite rock known in La Cabrera as "El Cancho Gordo" and goes from east to west on the southern slope of the mound, bordering the south with the paved road that leads to the Convent of San Antonio.

Currently is a center for training, stays and events, around personal growth, health, welfare, rural environment, traditional and contemporary culture, ecology... A space for people who want to seek, experience, learn, generate creative wealth, knowledge and culture, enjoy the landscape... A space for the enjoyment of nature, leisure and alternative rural tourism.

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