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The Hotel is nestled in a privileged place -the hillside of San Isicio- with marvellous views of the village of Cazorla and only a five minute walk from its old town. It is well communicated via its entrance on the A-315 road, and the route to the hotel is well signposted.

Almost half the territory of the Sierra de CAzorla region belongs to the Natural park of Cazorla, Segura and las Villas, wich is Spain´s largest protected natural reserve. It includes the almost 70.000 hectares of the National Hunting preserve. It was also appointed Biosphere reserve in 1983 and Special protection Atea for birds in 1988.

The village of Cazola was declared as Histrical-Artistic Settlement in 1972 and it boasts monumental attractions such as the castle of la Yedra, the ruins of Saint mary´s Church, the dome of Saint Mary´s square, its churches (San José, San Frnacisco and Del Carmen) and its chapels ( San Isicio, Virgen de la Cabeza, San sebastian...) Festivals of worldwide prestige are held every year in Cazorla, such as the international Blues festival wich is held in July, and the International Theatre Festival which takes place during the months of October, November and December, also, the monumental world Heritage cities of Ubeda and Baez are only 50 km away from the municipatlity.

In regares to activities in the natural envronment, the terrain is perfect for paracticing adventure sports ( biking, mountain biking, abseiling, climbing, canyoning, canocing...) and there are local business specialised in this and in organizing guided 4x4 tours to restricted areas of the natural reserve.

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