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We find the Hotel next to the town of Laujar de Andarax (province of Almería), nestled in Almería’s Alpujarra, on the southeast mountainside of the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada. It is located in the valley formed by the Sierra Nevada and Sierra de Gádor mountain ranges, 921 metres above sea level.

Laujar de Andarax, land of the famous writer Francisco Villaespesa (1877 – 1936), over centuries has been renowned for its activities in fields such as agriculture (cereals, vinyards, vegetables, olive groves, blackberries and fruits), livestock (sheep and work animals) and industry (mining, oil mills, flour mills, dye making, fulling mills and looms). It is currently the neuralgic centre of Alto Andarax and its most flourishing industry is the wine industry. The whole region has an important cultural heritage of the Roman and Moorish.

The existence of endemic flora and fauna provide a great attraction to this environment (Golden Eagle, Ibex, wild boar, etc). Near the hotel we find the Natural Landscape of Nacimiento –of great beauty– which has an adequate infrastructure for ecotourism as well as several routes created for hiking. Not far from the hotel we also find the leisure ski
resort of “La Ragua”.

All this lays out a range of tourist activities based on hiking, winter sports in the resort of La Ragua (cross country
skiing, sledding, etc) and adventure sports (mountaineering, paragliding, hang gliding, icarus and zip lining).

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